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What We Do

At Clever Language, we care about connecting with our students, making them feel comfortable learning at their own pace, but also challenging them to always take a step forward. 

As language educators, we believe we play a small part in bettering each student that we encounter, but we also believe each student makes us grow in a different way and makes us be better humans too. So, we always do the best we can to make our sessions memorable significant and effective language experiences.

Keyboard and Mouse

Spanish Learning Experiences
What you can expect:

  • ​We help students of all ages overcome their learning barriers by building a comfortable space with genuine, friendly and approachable teachers.

  • We are Spanish native speakers and language educators with a wide experience, always doing our best to support our learners to advance in the language.

  • Creative, effective, and stimulating language lessons, with useful content for daily life purposes, all while having an enjoyable time.

  • Online Spanish learning experiences via Zoom, in an affordable and in a timely efficient way.

  • Tailored sessions combined with effective strategies for each individual or group’s level and needs, and real progress, from conversation to vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and more.

  • Always ready to provide feedback to help you progress.


Spanish for Kids

Looking for Spanish classes for kids that are exciting, personal, and always useful?

We believe in interactive learning for young ones that integrate songs, dancing, games, and more. For all our kids experiences, we base our content on things they are already familiar with, from their daily routines to their family, house, school, and city. Kids enjoy our lessons while they show consistent progress using their Spanish skills.

Elias Lidstone. Colorado

Contact us for more information about private tutorings or small groups sessions

" My kids love it! They look forward to each class and are learning so much. We have started to incorporate Spanish at home and they love teaching us what they learn! The classes are done over zoom and it’s very interactive and engaging for my kids "

Nicole Schultz. Oklahoma

Spanish for Adults

Do you want to learn with native speakers and become fluent in Spanish?

For Spanish classes that are customized to your learning goals, we offer language learning experiences that do just that and more. Whether you want to learn Spanish for traveling, connecting socially, reading literature, or anything else - we provide an interactive course of study, and also adapt our sessions to your desired context. Our lessons are always useful, relevant, and curated for your real progress.

Contact us for more information about private or small groups sessions

Kathryn Kutzer. Texas

" The style of the classes are comfortable, engaging, and easy to enjoy. The teacher knows her material and is great at finding exercises that fits my needs. I will recommend it to anyone who needs or wants to learn Spanish! An incredible teacher "

Haley Gurule. Texas

Business Spanish

Interested in attracting new customers and strengthen the workplace culture?

Corporate lessons for business Spanish often lack stimulation - we make sure to create language experiences that are interesting, engaging, and always high-value. Whether you’re looking to improve your Spanish for a workplace environment, have new clients or for any other specific business need, we’ll tailor each class to your desired goal.

Working from Home

Contact us for more information about Spanish for corporate groups

" Susana is a very well versed, confident teacher that has a pleasant personality and demeanor. She creates a pleasant learning environment "

Chris Snowden. Oklahoma

Mujer en el trabajo

Spanish - English / English - Spanish 

​Alongside our language teaching offer, we provide translation services.

  • We are all experienced professionals in the language field with vast knowledge of the language

  • We ensure quality, accuracy, and speed for all the translation work we do. ​


Do you need translations for personal, school or companies related matters?

Tell us about your request.

" We have had several documents translated for our company with Clever, and I have always received them within the time frame provided, they are they to work with"

Xigla Software

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