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Frequently Asked Questions

The following can be used to start your

Spanish Learning journey

Find a Spanish Buddy, Us!

Surround Yourself with Spanish

Make Spanish Learning Fun & Interesting

Practice &

Be Consistent 

Don´t Be Afraid To Mistakes

Enjoy Your Own Progress

  • How do I enroll in Spanish lessons with Clever?
    Just get in touch with us—we're looking forward to hearing from you! We’re ready to listen to your specific language goals and create a tailored path to make it a Clever reality.
  • I already know some Spanish. Where should I start?
    First of all—that’s great to hear! During our first class together, we have fun ways to assess your language level to see exactly where to start from. We’ll take into account what your strengths are and what you specifically need help with.
  • Can a group of kids or adults take lessons together?
    Absolutely! As long as the students in the group—either kids or adults—share similar Spanish skills and fluency, they can readily take a group lesson together. If the students have different Spanish levels, we recommend they take separate lessons.
  • How often and for how long should I take my lessons?
    Every student's Spanish background, needs, and speed of progress differs—and so is the time they put in. Also, to learn a second language you need to keep in mind that it doesn't happen overnight. Just like any skill, the more time you practice Spanish, the better you’ll become (including your lesson time, at home practice, social media exposure, and others). If your goal is general improvement at a regular pace, you could start with 1-3 hours a week to see progress.
  • How long does a lesson last?
    While we tailor lessons for each student’s pace, generally, our Spanish for Kids experiences go from 30-45 minutes, while our Spanish for Adults/Business Spanish experiences are 1 hour per session.
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