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¿Do you want to speak Spanish?

We Make It

Learn, Explore and Experience with
Clever Language

We’re passionate online teachers creating a stimulating space to learn Spanish. We see our lessons as ‘experiences’ - not just services. We respect the dedication and hard work behind learning a language, and our mission is to make it all more enjoyable, useful, and rewarding. We offer online lessons for all sorts of levels and learners - kids, adults, small groups, and corporations, along with translations services.

Clever Language
Best Tutors

Ranked as one of the best sites in 2021 to teach Spanish on


Why Even Learn Spanish

Discover New Cultures

Spanish is used in over 21 countries by over 500 million people globally. Whether you’re traveling across Spain or Argentina, conversational Spanish allows you to indulge your curiosity, connect with locals, and delve deeper into everything from history to food.

It is the top 3 most spoken language in the world, and it is the most spoken non-English language in the US. In a world that’s now so digitally connected, learning Spanish opens a new horizon for you to grow: your expression, your connections, and your mind.

It is a Worldwide Language

In an age of Zoom meets, it’s never been easier to connect to people from all corners of the world. Finding someone who shares your hobby, or a passionate individual you simply resonate with - language doesn’t need to be a barrier when you speak the same tongue.

Grow Your Connections

At Clever, we use over a decade of teaching experience to create effective and memorable sessions with useful content


Spanish for Kids

Interactive & creative Spanish lessons that are always useful and fun! Our personable instructors keep things relevant, achievable, and truly engaging.


"It has been a great experience and I have even enlisted my 5 year old daughter as well. She loves her spanish classes! I would highly recommend Spanish with Clever for your language learning needs."

Becky Julian, Texas

Tailoring classes to your specific learning goals or simply for general improvement, we offer online Spanish learning experiences that are guaranteed useful and refreshingly stimulating.


Spanish for Adults


"Susana and her team are fantastic! Not only are they native Spanish speakers but they are able to break it down into concepts that non-native Spanish speakers are able to understand."

James Lidstone, Colorado


For when business Spanish calls for yourself or your employees, our online corporate classes are customized and committed to delivering high value.

Business Spanish


"I have learned more in Spanish in 8 weeks than I did the two years in High School. It was very, fun, exciting, patient, and helpful.I would refer any company or individual who would like to learn Spanish to this company."

Riccardo Mckenley, Texas

English - Spanish / Spanish - English

Professional, accurate, and speedy translations for Spanish-English and English-Spanish.


Reach out for a custom quote!



"We have worked with Susana for school documents translations. It is fast and affordable,

we highly recommender her"

Peter Jackson

Personable Instructors Attentive To You

At Clever, we are passionate educators and experienced language professionals, but above and beyond that, we care to personally connect to you, and our goal is to create a comfortable, friendly online space for you to develop your Spanish skills.


Susana Martínez

"I believe in dedication, hard work, passion, collaboration and empathy. Learning is also about connecting our minds and synergies to generate effective and long-lasting outcomes"

Eloisa 3_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Eloisa Puello

“I am a passionate about teaching and  interacting with students. Learning doesn’t have to be tiresome! With the appropriate guidance and motivation anyone can learn a language”


Natalia Marín

"For me, teaching is about charisma and empathy. I have found my passion in teaching and I really love learning from all the people and students that I meet”

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